Online Workout Programs

Tailored for women. Live. No commute. Affordable. Accountability coaching included.

Live Online Fitness Classes with a Coach

All of our instruction is done online via Zoom, with Stacy’s watchful eye monitoring the class, to ensure proper form and prevention of injury.

Live classes help foster a sense of accountability for the entirety of the one hour class.

Stacy keeps the classes fun and filled with laughter and good music.


An exercise mat: The workouts are all bodyweight, but a mat will greatly help your comfort during class. Keep a water bottle near you during the workout to stay hydrated!

Dumbbells and bands are optional: You can help build more strength and make the movements more challenging with dumbbells and bands, but they are not mandatory. 

Workout purpose: Increasing strength and creating lean and tone muscles. 

Free Accountability Meetings

Free accountability meetings are core to our product offering. Most basic fitness classes do not offer these. You will meet with a coach via Zoom or Facetime, one-on-one, 10-30 minutes twice a month. On weeks where you don’t have a meeting, there will be a check-up email. During accountability meetings we will meal-plan, learn accountability tricks, set daily habit goals, and manage stress. We go at the pace that is realistic to your life and goals. 

Healthy Recipe Challenge: Yip 360

Each participant will be highlighted in a profile post on Instagram: @yipfitness

To better know who is in our community and who is taking group classes with us. We can all be role models on being healthy and give each other support.

Healthy Recipes:
Each participant must share at least one healthy recipe. @yip.360 can share for you or you can share on your Instagram account.

Eating healthy can become boring, the way to raise more motivation and excitement is trying new things that taste great and are still healthy. The challenge’s goal is to help motivate you to eat healthy and stay on top of your health goals. 

One Recipe = One Raffle ticket

Top Prize:
One month of free classes or 10 sessions.

One Month

Entry Fee:

Excel Sheet:
At the end of the month, all the posts will be collected in an excel sheet and emailed to all participants to have access to all the recipes. 

Contact Stacy to Participate in the next Yip 360 Challenge!

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Stacy has been a certified personal trainer for over six years, combining the latest scientific knowledge for diet and exercise with her deep-seated passion of bringing out the best in others.

Who inspired Stacy to build a life for helping women reverse the aging process through nutrition and activity? Find out »

“When you invest in Stacy Yip’s program you really are investing in yourself. She will show you how to do each and every move properly, paying very close attention to your form in order to prevent injuries and activate specific muscles. She will also show you an easy way to track your food to ensure you’re getting the proper nutrients. This plus her many other healthy habits that she will teach you will help to maximize your results. Stacy’s method consistently works and will get you the results you’re striving for.”
– Xiomara Sharif, Age 30s

“I have worked with Stacy for over four years. She has been my personal trainer, coach and health mentor during this time. She is knowledgeable, extremely helpful and always going the extra mile to help any of her clients. She has a great balance on nutrition and exercise to encourage you to meet your goals. Her energy is amazing and her laughter will make you laugh.”
– Robin Arick, Age 50s

“I have participated in two of Stacy’s Health and Nutrition courses and highly recommend them. Stacy focuses on teaching functional exercise by emphasizing correct body form and posture. This not only protects clients from injury, but creates good habits. Stacy is dedicated to her clients and encourages them to reach their goals. “
– Clare Binley, Age 60s

“Thank you Stacy, I would have never attempted this strenuous hike in the Narrows of Zion without your strength training and nutrition guidance. I felt strong and confident at my 70 years.”
– Andranette Estrada, age 70s

Class Schedule

M8:00am, 6:00pm9:00am, 7:00pm10:00am, 8:00pm
11:00am, 9:00pm

W8:00am, 6:00pm9:00am, 7:00pm10:00am, 8:00pm11:00am, 9:00pm
RNo class
F9:00am, 6:00pm10:00am, 7:00pm11:00am, 8:00pm12:00pm, 9:00pm
SUNNo class

Request a Time: If you want a certain time that is not listed, please let us know. If there are at least 4 other people interested in that same time, we will open a class at that time. 


All packages include bi-weekly accountability coaching!
All classes are one hour long.

1st ClassFree!
Pay As You Go$15.00+fees (3.9%+.30cents)=$15.92 for class and bi-weekly accountability coaching
Monthly Unlimited$100.00+fees (3.9%+.30cents)=$104.39
$250.00+fees (3.9%+.30cents)=$260.46 Package20 classes, $13 a class
$500.00+fees (3.9%+.30cents)=$520.60 Package45 classes, $11.55 a class
$1000.00+fees (3.9%+.30cents)=$1040.90 Package100 classes, $10.40 a class

If you buy a class package and decide to quit, you will be refunded for the unused classes.

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