Wrist Pain

We use our hands daily to perform different tasks. This includes typing on a computer, gripping your steering wheel when you’re driving, and holding your phone or water bottle. These tasks are repetitive and can cause your wrist and fingers to be weakened. We recommend doing wrist exercises to increase your flexibility, gain strength and to prevent injuries. If you feel a slight pain in your wrist, it could be from repetitive use. Simple stretches can help ease the pain. If you feel a lot of pain, do not stretch or do any exercises. Your wrist could be inflamed or you could have joint damage. It is best to let it heal overtime and see if the pain starts fading. Once the pain has faded, then you can proceed with light exercises. 

Here is an exercise that doesn’t require tools:

  • Place your injured wrist’s hand flat facing downwards. 
  • Use the opposite hand and wrap your hand near your injured wrist. 
  • Slowly move your wrist up and down. 
  • You can do the same thing again but this time rotate your wrist in circles instead of up and down. 
  • Then rotate the opposite way. 

If you don’t feel the stretch:

  • Put your hands in a praying position. 
  • Slide the hand that isn’t sore up until the palm is next to the fingers. 
  • Lightly push your palm against your fingers so that the hand starts to bend backwards towards the top of your forearm. 
  • You can also do the opposite and bend your hand to the bottom of your forearm. 

If you have been gripping a lot with your hands, the pain could be from your forearms:

  • Place your arm on a flat surface with your hand face down. 
  • Have your hand relaxed. 
  • Go on top of your forearm and find the muscle that is sore. 
  • Gently press down on the spot that’s sore.
  • You can also sit down and place your hands on your thighs with your palms facing up. 
  • Close your hands into fists with a loose grip. Don’t clench your fists tightly. 
  • Then raise your fists towards your body to bend the wrist. 
  • Loosen your fist and open your fingers.

All of these exercises should not exceed 1 minute. They are meant to help your wrists gain flexibility and to prevent injuries.

You can use a Gyro Ball. A Gyro Ball is a wrist training tool that helps loosens your wrist. 

Here is a video on how to use one:

There are other tools such as the Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit. This kit comes with a Hand Grip Strengthener, Stress Relief Grip Ball, Finger Exerciser, Hand Strengthener Grip Ring, and Finger stretcher Resistance Band. Each tool helps strengthen your wrist and fingers. Don’t use these tools for a long time or your hands will start to feel sore from overuse.


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