Meet Brittany Markley

Brittany is excited to meet you all in her fitness classes and health coaching sessions! 


Brittany is originally from Somonauk, Illinois, a small country town about 70 miles west of Chicago. Her love for sports began at the age of 8 when she joined gymnastics after seeing the Olympics on television. Gymnastics had an immediate and critical impact on Brittany by providing her with a fundamental understanding of body movement, alignment, and awareness. Her training in gymnastics influenced her mindset and her approach to fitness. Her focus on a healthy lifestyle did not consist of hours in the gym and following strict programs. It was more about maintaining her body strong, mobile, and flexible, and balancing her fitness with the demands of work, school, and life in general. 

Looking to experience that big-city lifestyle, she decided to attend college in Chicago where she completed her B.S in Biology and M.S in Health Promotion Management. While attending school, she also started her first job working as a physical therapy technician. In her role as a physical therapy technician, she had the opportunity to help people rehab, and this experience helped her realize that she loved impacting people’s lives by helping them feel better and improving themselves through exercise and movement  

She has since completed the NASM Personal Training, Nutrition Coach, and Corrective Exercise Specialist certifications.


Brittany has a background in Yoga, Pilates, and strength training and this has influenced her training philosophy, which is focused on functional fitness. This broad, general term means that her aim is to help everyone feel like they can move like a gymnast too. Her goal is to help people learn about the benefits of stretching and balance and functional movement training, no matter their age or fitness level. Brittany also believes in the “use it or you lose it” philosophy. She refuses to let individuals lose their strength and mobility! In order to sustain an active lifestyle, it has to be integrated and become a part of your lifestyle. She is always encouraging individuals to find a way to stay active. Let’s keep our bodies movin’ and groovin’!


Brittany loves staying active in any way she can, including working out, taking Yoga and Pilates classes, and doing outdoor activities the moment the temperature in Chicago reaches above 45 degrees. Another one of her favorite ways to stay active is through Salsa dancing. You may catch Brittany Salsa dancing at any given moment and you might just hear some Salsa music in your workouts! 

Outside of staying active, she also has three pets with her boyfriend, a cat named Axel, and two dogs, Earn and Charlie. She is a big-time animal lover and will pet and say hi to any animal whenever that opportunity presents itself. 

Brittany also loves hanging out with her family and friends and just enjoying life!


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Nutrition Coach
Corrective Exercise Specialist certifications.
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